FabyCat Christmas Bow Tie Cat Collar

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Share a special and fashionable connection with your feline best friend this holiday season with the FabyCat Christmas Bow Tie Cat Collar. Your kitty will be able to sport a unique and comfy cotton collar, complete with a snazzy bow tie made from 100% beech wood and adorable golden paws on a red background that shows everyone that you’re proud of your four-legged bestie. Both you and your kitty will love how comfy your new festive fashion statements are, and you’ll be able to rest easy in knowing that your fur baby will stay safe, thanks to the breakaway buckle that helps to prevent accidents and injuries.

Key Benefits

  • Made from 100% cotton for lightweight and breathable comfort.
  • Makes the perfect Christmas gift for cat lovers that want to show off the unique bond they have with their kitty.
  • Charming beech wood bow tie adds a dash of fashion to cat collar, which is also fully adjustable from 8 to 11 inches.
  • Keeps kitties safe by featuring a safety breakaway buckle that prevents cats from getting stuck in scary situations.

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