PetSafe Heavy Choke Chain Dog Collar

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Get the gentle control you need during training with the PetSafe Heavy Choke Chain Dog Collar. It’s ruggedly constructed from electronically welded rust and tarnish-resistant steel so it can stand up to heavy duty, daily use. Plus, it’s chrome-plated for added durability and shine and it has no sharp points or rough edges so it won’t chafe skin or snag fur. That means it’s great for pups with all coat types, and is available in different widths and lengths so you can find one that suit’s your pal’s proportions.

Key Benefits

  • Provides gentle and safe control for obedience training, heel training and wayward or pulling pups.
  • Made of electronically welded steel that resists rust and tarnish and is durable enough for daily use.
  • Chrome-plated for added durability, style and smoothness so there are no sharp edges or points.
  • Won’t snag fur or pull on skin since it’s smooth throughout, so it’s ideal for pups of all coat types and styles.
  • Available in different widths and lengths and is easy to put on with the smooth, sturdy O-rings.

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