WaggyTails Comfort Elevated Feeder

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Make mealtime more comfortable for your pal with the WaggyTails Comfort Elevated Dog & Cat Feeder. Thanks to its elevated design, it provides your hungry doggie or kitty with a more ergonomic experience while eating, drinking, and snacking. Eating and drinking at the proper height is beneficial for digestive health for cats and dogs alike because it uses gravity to help digestion naturally. Also, dining from a raised bowl is easy on sensitive neck and elbow joints. This raised mealtime set comes with elevated bowl holder and two hygienic bowls with a spill ridge to keep food and water off your floors. Plus, it includes a notch to place a water bottle for self-watering action.

Key Benefits

  • Elevated feeder makes for a more comfortable, ergonomic dining experience.
  • Promotes healthy digestion and prevents strain for sensitive neck and elbow joints.
  • Perfect for everyday use for cats and dogs with digestive conditions or joint discomfort.
  • Comes with self-watering notch, and spill ridge to prevent food and water spills.

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