FancyPet Watermelon Sweet Dog Shirt

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FancyPet Watermelon Sweet Dog Shirt is the perfect outfit for your style-conscious fur baby. Adorned with a delightful color scheme, this enchanting shirt reads “Sweet” in big letters across the back. Decorated with an ever-so-precious watermelon. Ensure that your furry friend gets the attention she deserves with this charming outfit.

Key Benefits

  • Let your pup feel fab all year around with this adorable and unique shirt.
  • Fun color scheme shows the neighborhood that your fur baby is your little princess.
  • Reads “Sweet” in big, easy-to-read letters across the back.
  • Bedazzled Watermelon at the neck completes the ensemble for an all-around precious outfit.
  • Soft, cotton-polyester blend with pleated tutu base means you don’t have to forfeit style for comfort.

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