Nylon UltraBrite LED Night Collar

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Instructions for use:

 1.Pull out the Transparent Insulating Film simply pushing the control button makes the light switch ON/FLASH/OFF, Collar has 4 different options controlled with a switch on the collar: Solid Light, Fast Blink, Slow Blink, and Off.  

 2.Collar is Silicone waterproof. This means that it is fine in the rain and suitable for swimming.

 3.Batteries last 60-80 hours and can be changed,the kinds of battery is 2pcs CR2016batteries.



S:  Width 2.5CM(0.98Inch)          length  35~43CM(13.8~16.9Inch)

M: Width 2.5CM(0.98Inch)          length  40~48CM(15.7~18.9Inch)

L:  Width  2.5CM(0.98Inch)        length  45~52CM(17.7~20.5Inch)

XL:Width  2.5CM(0.98Inch)        length  52~60CM(20.5~23.6Inch)

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