FabPet Leopard Dog Pajamas

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Let your pooch take a nap on the wild side with the FabPet Leopard Dog Pajamas. Your pup can lounge in comfort and style in these bold leopard print and pink lined PJs made with totally snuggable 100% cotton. With an easy velcro closure, it’s simple to slip on when it’s your pup’s bedtime, and even has little pockets for reading glasses, treats, or any slumber party accessories. Beautifully tailored with poplin piping for a stylish and comfy fit, it’s also machine washable and comes in different sizes so you can choose the perfect one for your pal.

Key Benefits

  • Made with 100% cotton so it’s the perfect go-to sleeping wear to snuggle and unwind.
  • Poplin design and unique leopard print so your pooch can snooze on the wild side.
  • Features an easy velcro closure and cute pockets for treats or reading glasses.
  • Beautifully tailored for a stylish and comfy fit for any slumber party or cuddle session.
  • Machine washable and comes in different sizes so you can find the perfect fit.

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