BarkTek UltraFlex Dog Toy Frisbee

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A floatable flyer that goes the distance, BarkTek is a must-have toy for active dogs. More pliable than a hard-shell Frisbee and faster than those made from fabric, BarkTek is a perfect pick for trips to the park, yard or water. Flexible material makes this dog Frisbee gentle on soft mouths and easy to pick up. In the world of Frisbee-style dog toys, BarkTek flies to the top.  

While the BarkTek dog toy is not designed to be a chew toy, it is designed to withstand as much active play as dogs can dish out while playing Frisbee. 

Key Benefits

  • BarkTek  is an exclusive material that makes fetch, tug-o-war, and chew therapy more fun — it’s easy on doggie mouths, stretches (without stretching out) and sports an unstoppable bounce — all while staying tenaciously tough. For dogs who love to swim (or just need a distraction in the bathtub), BarkTek stays afloat.
  • 100% recyclable disc flies like a hard plastic Frisbee but softer on doggie mouths
  • BPA-and-phthalate-free, non-toxic, and FDA-compliant
  • It’s easy to sanitize BarkTek toys at home — just pop it on the top shelf of your dishwasher.
  • Made in Montana from US-sourced materials

Additional Details

Supervise pet with play toy.

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