Sporty 07 Friends Dog Hoodie

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Your pup will make fashion statements and turn hears when they wear the Sporty 07 Friends Dog Hoodie. This fashionable jacket is made just for pups, with high-quality materials that protect them from biting cold winds as well as give them a fabulous look. It’s windproof and keeps pets extra toasty with special 3M Thinsulate Thermal Heat Retention Technology, which adds a layer of warmth with a thin, insulating shell tucked inside dual-sided fabric. Your tail-wagging pal will be extra comfy in this lightweight coat that slips on and off easily. Adjustable straps along the back give the perfect fit, and there’s a hole for leash attachment at the back of the neck. Sporty 07 Friends Dog Hoodie comes in tons of sizes and colors to suit any dog’s personality.

Key Benefits

  • Sporty coat is perfect for active dogs who love cold weather outdoor activities.
  • Inner and outer shell composed of 100% lightweight and windproof fabrics for less bulk and more warmth.
  • Contains thinsulate thermal heat retention technology as an inner shell in between the fabrics for added warmth.
  • Adjustable straps allow for use during or after growth stages for longevity. Easy on/off with a leash slit.


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