PetSoothe Five Finger Grooming Glove

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Love cuddling your pooch but hate all the shedding—PetSoothe Five Finger Grooming Glove makes the shedding season blues a thing of the past! In fact, with the Five Finger Grooming Glove, you can transform grooming time into cuddle time. Made with pet lovers in mind, this terrific tool helps to strengthen the bond between fur baby and pet parent while gently detangling fur, removing loose hair and leaving coats shiny, soft and manageable. Pat Your Pet’s unique five finger design allows you to easily groom sensitive areas with just the touch of your finger! A universal fit.

Key Benefits

  • Enhanced five finger design makes it easy to groom harder to reach areas. Rubber bristles gently work to detangle fur, remove mats and sweep up loose hair.
  • Keep your best pal free of pesky pests such as mites and fleas by brushing them regularly. Brushing often also helps reduce shedding!
  • Massaging sensation turns grooming time into a walk in the dog park. Even hairless pets enjoy the bonding experience.
  • Universal fit and adjustable strap means this glove will fit every member of the family.

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