PetSafe Dog And Cat Grooming Comb

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When it comes to grooming, use what the professionals use with the PetSafe Dog And Cat Grooming Comb. Featuring extra-fine and closely spaced blades, this comb strips, detangles, and breaks up thick areas of matted fur in one easy step—with no pulling or damaging your dog’s sensitive skin! Unlike clipping, which can leave your pet looking shorn and stripped, this tool only removes the dead, matted hair that's often uncomfortable for your pet. Plus, the efficient design with a comfy handle works extremely fast, so you and your pet can get back to doing the things he loves best. It’s great for all types of coats and breeds.

Key Benefits


  • Extra-fine, closely spaced blades quickly and easily remove loose and dead hair without pulling.
  • Trims out the undercoat, dead hair, and unravels and de-mats the coat in one easy step.
  • Features full tang construction, which means the blades extend into the handle for durability.
  • Contoured, ergonomic handle prevents hand fatigue and gives you a comfortable grip.
  • Works for all types of coats and especially long-haired breeds; recommended by professional groomers.

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