PetSafe Seat Belt Clip Tether, Pet Car Belt

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Put safety first and keep your precious cargo protected with the PetSafe Seat Belt Clip Tether. Because pets should be strapped in just like their loving humans, this seat belt clip tether makes it easy to bring all paws on board. With an adjustable metal clip on one end that fits most seatbelt buckles, the other end features a sturdy clip that hooks onto your dog’s harness. In just an instant, your furry travel buddy will be safely and comfortably secure in the car, no matter how near or far you travel.

Key Benefits

  • Seat belt clip tether keeps pets safely and comfortably secure during car rides and road trips.
  • Durable tether connects to the dog harness on one end and the seatbelt on the other.
  • The adjustable metal clip fits most seat belt buckles for superior ease of use.
  • The tether length is adjustable to fit dogs of most sizes.
  • Keeping dogs secured for even short rides is an essential part of vehicle safety.

Additional Details

HAZARDS TO ANIMALS: Always use with a harness. Do not attach to collar directly as it can cause choking or neck injury to the dog. Always use tether in the back seat.

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