21 Rolls Dog Waste Bags And Carrier

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When it’s time for your pup to take care of some important business, PetBay Dog Poop Bags get the job done right. PetBay’s Refill 900 Dog Poop Bags + 2 Dispensers is perfect for multi-pet households or busy pet parents who want to stock up on necessities. This supersized pack includes 21 rolls of poop bags plus a dispenser for convenience. The poop bags cover up unpleasant smells with a fresh, fruity scent but are also available unscented for pet parents with sensitive sniffers. Best of all, they fit into most standard leash dispensers for quick access during walks. Each roll is stocked with durable and leak-proof bags to pick up after any dog, big or small.

Key Benefits

  • Durable and leak-proof bags measure 9 x 13 inches so there's a great size for most dogs
  • Includes dispenser so you'll never be without a handy bag during a walk
  • Rolls fit most standard leash dispensers for superior versatility
  • Perfect for multiple pet households
  • Coating prevents any strong odors.

To open clasp on the bag dispenser, push the tab up with your thumb.

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