Colorful Frenchie Vintage Throw Pillow 18x18inch

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  • Our vintage pillows are made of the most comfortable, highest quality fabric out there today. We use a tri-blend cotton-poly mix that provides durability, comfort, and is built to last a lifetime. The printing process use high-end materials that imbue the cotton with vivid and bright colors that will stand up to the test of time as well as hundreds of machine wash cycles. With our printing technology and high-end fabric you can be sure that no matter how many times you enjoy the comfort of your new pillow or wash it, it'll stay just as bright and vivid as the day you bought it!


  • Our vintage pillows come with a discrete, easy slide hidden zipper, this allows you to completely seal the pillow case after you have stuffed it in order to ensure everything stays in it's right place!


  • The cover size of 18"x18" is perfect for pillow inserts sized 18"x18", or pillow inserts sized 20"x20" for a full plump look.



  • PetBay pillows are machine washable, vacuumable, and can be tumble dried over and over again without losing any texture or dulling the colors.


How to stuff your insert?

  1. Firstly, open up the package and unzip the cover. Then when you start to stuff your pillow into the cover, you need to fold the insert.
  2. After part of your folded pillow is stuffed in the cover, you should put the left part of the pillow slowly to reduce the risk of zipper split.
  3. Then you can tide up the corner of the pillow.
  4. Finally, you zip up the cover.  
  5. Now you have a plump pillow!


Decorating Tips:

How you decorate comes down to how many pillows you have and the space you have to work with. When it comes down to it, the more pillows you have to decorate with, the better looking your home decor will be! Some quick tips and an info graphic below:

  • If you only have 2 pillows to decorate with, Option A in the image below is the idea choice as it creates symmetry and a natural flow when looking at your couch or chair space.
  • With 3 pillows, such as in Option B in the image below, you want to take a brighter accent pillow to place in the middle, while the 2 border pillows will be of a classic vintage color in order to create a naturally artistic contrast.  
  • When decorating with 4 pillows, such as in Option C in the image below, you want to have the brighter accent pillows placed furthest to the outside, while your natural vintage colored cushions will be inboard. This creates a sense of comfort and surrounding for a person sitting in the middle.
  • When decorating with multiple pillows, such as Option D in the image below, you want to take your brightest, most aesthetic and vivid cushion and place it centerfold, surrounded by classic vintage pillows to either side in order to ensure that a person's eye is immediately drawn centerfold to the accent cushion.