VanityPup Durable Pet Umbrella With Leash

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  • Built-in leash hook which is 12.2" long, the umbrella expands to a 28.3" in diameter when opened. 20.8" handle length..
  • Great design, easy to handle.
  • It fits dogs of all sizes and weights
  • Perfect for your pets that don't like getting wet in the rain or snow.
  • Easy to assemble: Step 1: install the stopper, Step 2: tighten the shaft, Step 3: open the umbrella.


Beautiful Package

Packaging Design:

  • Each package contains three parts: 1x Umbrella Stopper, 1x Umbrella Handle,   1x Umbrella Body.
  • Easy to assemble: Step 1: install the stopper, Step 2: tighten the shaft, Step 3: open the umbrella.
  • Breaking down the umbrella into parts makes it easy to clean and store.
  • This is the best gift for your pet if you want them to be comfortable in all environments!

Umbrella Handle And Stick

Handle Design:

  • Thick, durable, high-density plastic for long lasting but lightweight material;
  • Ergonomic design, easy effort, smooth and comfortable to carry;
  • Easy to hang and let it dry out after use;
  • Easy to carry;


Umbrella Stick:

  • Thicker and stronger umbrella stick than cheap counterparts;
  • Easy to assemble, twist-on handle;


Applicable Environments

Rainy Day:
I don't want to be rainy!!!

Most adorable and effective way to keep your dog dry when they go out side while raining - even with a rain jacket - since using this umbrella he/she is able to walk and not get wet.

Snowy Day:
I don't want to be snowy!!!

The pet umbrella can help you, protect your pet from snow on snowy days, keeping them away from dirty, messy, cold snow and sleet.

Wind Day:

I don't want to be blown away walking!!!

The pet umbrella is fortified with 8 reinforced stainless steel ribs, can block the wind for your dog, ​keep your pet's hairstyle a magnificent one

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