Adjustable Reflective Double Dog Leash

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Enjoy twice the fun while walking your active pups with the Mighty Dog Adjustable Reflective Double Dog Leash. The innovative design means you can finally walk both dogs at once, and leave the fear of getting overwhelmed or overpowered behind. A heavy-duty, tangle-free swivel leash attachment means you’ll never have to worry about your dogs getting tangled up, making this the most comfortable and convenient way to walk two dogs at once.

Key Benefits

  • Safe and comfortable solution for walking or running with two dogs.
  • Made with weatherproof nylon and large durable hardware.
  • Swivel leash attachment helps make sure your active dogs don’t tangle their leads.
  • Highly reflective thread runs the length of the leash to help increasing your nighttime visibility.
  • Designed to accommodate dogs up to 100 pounds; comes with a bonus wall hook for convenient storage!

Additional Details

This product is to be used under human supervision. Keep out of reach of children. Always inspect the product for any damage before each use. Do not use if damaged. Consult your physician/veterinarian before you/your dog start this or any exercise routine. Mighty Paw cannot be held, in any situation, responsible for any harm (physical or mental) caused by the use (or improper use) of this product.

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